Your relationship with Valor Ganado

Using Valor Ganado products, services, software and websites, collectively, the "Services" is subject to the " Terms and Conditions" which constitute a legal agreement between you and Valor Ganado. The terms and conditions are available at https://valorganado.com/en/content/3-terms-and-conditions

It is understood that "Valor Ganado" means VALOR GANADO S.A.S., headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia.

All the conditions described in this document will be referred to hereafter as "Terms and Conditions". Terms and Conditions apply to any commercial transaction between you and Valor Ganado. The execution of any order or payment for goods and services means that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. You can print a copy of this document to facilitate future reference and understanding.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

To accept the Terms and Conditions:

a) clicking to accept or agree with the Terms and Conditions, where Valor Ganado offers this option in the user interface of the website, or

b) placing an order. In this case, you understand and accept that your application is considered by Valor Ganado as an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions from that point.

Language of the Terms

If Valor Ganado has provided a translation of the Spanish version of the Terms and Conditions, you agree that the translation is provided for your convenience and Spanish language versions of the Terms and Conditions govern the relationship with Valor Ganado. If there is any contradiction between what the Spanish version of the Terms and Conditions says and what a translation says, the Spanish version will prevail.

Method of Payment

The payment can be made by cash, bank deposit, PayPal or PayU.


Details of the prices and taxes appear on the website. Prices for services include all fees and taxes necessary for the production and sale in the country of origin of services: Valor Ganado headquarters. If it is necessary to pay additional taxes, depending on the destination country of services, such as import taxes, it must be paid by you.

If you decide to pay with Paypal, the final sale prices published on the website of Valor Ganado are always collected in U.S. dollars, for the convenience of international customers. Valor Ganado makes reasonable efforts to accurately convert the value of the currency at the time of sale, however, in the case of a disagreement, Valor Ganado makes no adjustment or refund. You resign to any claim or compensation for this item. Valor Ganado is not responsible for charges of currency conversion, which is mater of your agreement with your financial institution and the independent business partner that collects the money.

Buying Process

To make purchases, the user should choose the product on the website. Once you've chosen a product, the payment of services is on the website of an independent business partner. Thus, Valor Ganado does not retain or maintain information from your credit card. Valor Ganado waits for a confirmation of payment by the partner company to deliver products or services requested. Valor Ganado will issue the invoice that will be delivered with the product or service.

Delivery of goods and services

Even though contractors located in different parts of the world participate in the production of services, the integration of the products or services are performed at Valor Ganado headquarters. For tax and business purposes, this means that services are sold at Valor Ganado headquarters.

Returns and complaints

Given the nature of Valor Ganado products, there is not always right of refund for the purchases made. In the particular case of the Training Services, you will be entitled to a full refund in the event of withdrawal of any party, provided that such withdrawal shall report before the service started.

Change of Date or Location

Valor Ganado reserves the right to change the dates reported for Training Services or place of the event. In that case, you retain the right to withdraw or, if you prefer, you can accept the new date offered by Valor Ganado. You waive any claim or compensation for this concept.

Variations in prices

Valor Ganado reserves the right to change prices of services. In any case, prices of orders are held until the end of the paid service.


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